Image of ground floor project space at Queensrollahouse

The Fear of Low-Hanging Fruit brings together work by Haoqiao Jiang, Hannah Lister, Pauline Hisbacq and Vanessa Walters. These four artists working in photographic and film-based practices draw upon personal imagery and their immediate surroundings as the focal subject of their work. Underpinned by Moyra Davey’s collection of writings 'Index Cards', in which she adopts the titling phrase to describe her own anxieties towards the ‘easily available image’, this exhibition instead shines light on the power and vulnerability of exposing one’s intimate life in art. Drawing together archival video footage, newly taken snapshots, collaged and archival photographs, this exhibition examines time as an evolving force, through means as diverse as the collected layers of abstractive dust on an image’s surface, to the parallel pairing of the ancient and contemporary, revealing new, reflective narratives.